Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Carl released a minor update to Liberty Basic: 4.02.

New features (pulled right from the release notes):
  1. Added a new Create Application feature to the Run menu. This is only enabled for GOLD license users.
  2. Added support for the MOD operator. For example: print 15 mod 4
  3. Added support for scientific notation in code. For example: print 1.2345e-4
  4. Updated the toolbar icons in the editor and debugger for a fresh looking UI.
  5. Improved the parser making it tolerant of spaces between identifiers and a ( characters. For example, some other BASIC's allow the following: print mid$ ("hey!", 4). Now Liberty BASIC also allows this kind of formatting. We did this to make it easier for people coming from other dialects of BASIC.
  6. Reworked the External Programs dialog to make it easier to use.
  7. When run or debug is invoked and there is a selection in the editor a popup notice now asks if you really want to run only the selected code. Answering no runs the entire program.
  8. Added a popup menu to the debugger's variable view so that you can turn on the display of unrounded floats. This annotation only appears when the unrounded value and the rounded value differ.
There are also 23 bugs fixes. Check the Revision Notes of 4.02 for the details.