Monday, November 12, 2007

Tiny Basic 1.2 Progress

I'm working on the next release of Tiny Basic. Here's the latest list of enhancements:
  1. Added GOSUB/RETURN statements.
  2. Added TITLEBAR statement for the interpreter console.
  3. Increased program lines from 100 to 1024.
  4. Rewrote the MEM code.
  5. Added runtime error handling in the interpreter. It trys to recover to the READY prompt.
  6. Created test program for the interpreter (i.e. primitive unit testing).
Granted that some of these changes are behind the scenes, but I'm trying to increase the robustness of the interpreter without refactoring it into something completely different.

Before I release Tiny Basic 1.2, I still want to add these features:
  1. String variables (i.e. a$ -- z$).
  2. FOR/NEXT loops
  3. Fix known bugs in current version.
The work continues...

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