Friday, December 21, 2007

Run Basic RC1 Released

Carl invited me to be a beta tester for his upcoming Run Basic product about 4 months ago.

This week he released Release Candidate 1 to the beta testing group. It's been exciting to see the evolution of RB from Beta 2 through Beta 5 to RC1.

New features that aren't publicly available at include:

  1. A new syntax to use objects. (e.g. #object method). You can see the Smalltalk influence and the syntax leverages a Liberty Basic programmer's conceptual model of handles.
  2. An XMLparser object.
  3. A SQLITE object.
  4. A FILE object.
  5. A TABLE object.
  6. HTTPGet$ function that performs an HTTP GET.
Carl stated that there will be a few more release candidates before the official release of the Run Basic Personal Server. There will be an "Enterprise" version available at a later date which should include version control and enterprise database access.

This release will be the most significant event in the Basic programming world since the introduction of Visual Basic for Windows.

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