Sunday, March 02, 2003

The latest edition (NL106) of the Liberty Basic Newsletter has just been published. Two articles really peaked my interest:
  1. Using SQLite Database Manager in LB by Colin McMurchie. Unbelievably simple API access to the SQLite database. This embeddable database is in the public domain, and after a first look it seems to be a good fit for the Liberty Basic programming world.

  2. What I Did With The !Locate Command On My Summer Vacation by Tom Nally. Tom creates a Hypercard-like stack using Liberty Basic's !Locate command. Basically, controls are located off-window and moved into place when needed. Doing this type of GUI work by hand is tedious, but a "stack creation" tool could automate most of the drudgery. I wonder if this idea could be used for FreeForm. Building a GUI with real controls is better than FreeForm's graphically drawn controls.

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