Friday, July 13, 2007

Moving forward

Compared to the rest of the computer world, Liberty Basic moves forward at a slow pace. Glacially slow. But it moves.

Since my last post almost two years ago, here are the most interesting developments:
  1. Liberty Basic 4.03 was released. Version 4.04 is in the works and will run better on Vista.
  2. Assist for Liberty Basic was released. This is an add-on to the IDE that adds profiling, version control, automatic formatting and a few other goodies for professional developers.
  3. Carl now has a partner who is also an active developer.
  4. The newsletter is finished. New content is now on a wiki (
  5. Run Basic is online ( It is a Liberty Basic dialect that runs in your web browser. In fact, it sports the new LB5 syntax. Speaking of that...
  6. Liberty Basic 5 is in development and is late due to problems with Carl's tool vendor.
  7. Finally, Alyce Watson has a new book: API's for Liberty Basic (
After looking over this list, maybe things are moving along faster than I thought.

I'm currently using Liberty Basic to experiment with the Windows Service Control Manager. More on that later.

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