Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tiny Basic v1.1 Released

I posted a new version of Tiny Basic in both the Run Basic and Liberty Basic wikispaces.

Here's a list of new features:
  1. Added a fixed array accessible from the interpreter -- a(1) to a(7001). The size of the array can be adjusted by changing the ArraySize variable in the code.
  2. Added the functions seconds and ms (or milliseconds) for benchmarking purposes.
  3. (LB4 only). Fixed LOAD and SAVE commands. The argument that these commands take is a number. For example, "LOAD 1". The file saved in the working directory will be "TinyBas1".
  4. (LB4 only). Fixed AutoRun feature. If a file exists in the working directory called "TinyBas0", it will load and run automatically when the interpreter starts up.
  5. (LB4 only). Added KILL and DIR commands to round out file management. KILL takes the same numeric argument as LOAD and SAVE. The DIR command has no arguments. It will display a list of Tiny Basic files and the time stamp.
Known Issues:

  • There is no file management for Run Basic yet. The file management code is commented out in the Run Basic version. The FILES command is still missing in Run Basic.
  • The seconds function does not work correctly. It will display milliseconds instead. This is a bug in version 2.27 of Run Basic that I haven't compensated for in the Tiny Basic code. This issue will be fixed in the near future.
  • There is a range checking bug when printing a value in an array. For example, if you type "PRINT a(7005)" and the array only goes up to 7001, then Liberty Basic will display a run-time error message. Range checking works properly, however, for assignment. This issue will be fixed in the near future.


The goal of this release was to add enough features to run the Sieve benchmark. I will post the Tiny Basic Sieve program and the results of the benchmark in another post.

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