Monday, December 15, 2008

New Run BASIC Whitepaper

Carl has a new Run BASIC whitepaper that's definitely worth reading. It is titled Run BASIC - A Breakthrough Web Application Server.

If you are new to Run BASIC but a veteran web programmer, be prepared to be shocked by how simple this is. No CGI scripting. No state management. HTML and Javascript knowledge is optional. In Run BASIC, there is an HTML statement that lets you embed custom code if you want.

Embedding HTML/Javascript is still necessary to add AJAX type code for dynamic page updating, but I suspect that future versions of Run BASIC will integrate this as well. For a more traditional web interface everything you need is built-in:

  • Desktop-like control flow
  • No state management
  • Graphics
  • SQLite database
  • HTML statement for embedding custom HTML and Javascript
  • SMTP statement for sending email
  • HTTP GET and POST statements for accessing other web sites and services
  • XML parser
  • Widgets with CSS styling
  • Easy component creation

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Carl released a free version of Run BASIC 1.01. There is no login security or application publishing, but besides that it is the same as the full version which sells for $59.95. The free version is a great way to kick the tires -- even develop your application -- before you need to buy the full version for login security and deployment.

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