Friday, September 11, 2009

New Book Published

I published a new book titled Embedded Software Development with C. I am a co-author along with Dr. Kai Qian and Li Cao. The book is published by Springer.

It is a computer science textbook written primarily for CS and EE undergraduate students, but it is also a good introduction for working professionals interested in embedded software development. Hobbyists will also like the projects and step-by-step approach to the labs.

The book takes a software engineering approach to programming the venerable 8051 microcontroller using the C language.

The 8051 and C have been around for decades, so this book should have some long term value. It stands out from other 8051/C books because it covers Ethernet networking. Most 8051 books on the market don't make it past serial communications.

Writing this book took me back 20 years to my EET days. I haven't bread-boarded circuits since the late 80's. It was a lot of fun designing the labs and making them work.

The Ethernet chapter features an embedded web server project using an AJAX page for displaying data from the microcontroller. Pretty cool considering the resource constraints.

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